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Best Internet Browser? September 23, 2009

Posted by Nikk in Information Security, Information Technology.
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I’ve been using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome for some time now. While each of them has some unique features, they all basically perform the same function, browsing the web. Since IE is the most prevalent internet browser in the world, 65% IE vs. 26% Firefox it only makes sense that the bad guys would try to exploit what is the most available. Clearly the search for the least amount of work vs. the most return is in play here.

In my experience any of the less used browsers will provide more “security through obscurity” levels of protection, which might work for a while, however not recommend. Since I do a lot of work in security I’m apt fire up Linux and use Konqueror for highly malicious sites as more exploits are written for a Windows type internet browser. While for day to day enterprise operations IE works just fine. In a recent study done by a third party vendor IE8 blocked eight of 10 of the malware-distributing sites, Mozilla’s Firefox 3 blocked 27% of the same sites. Chrome 2 blocked only 21%.

A question to pose is which version of IE you are using. If you’re using IE8 most of the new reports show IE8 to be the more secure. If you’re using IE6 or IE7 I’d say it’s time to upgrade. Ultimately following some industy best practices such as keeping your browser, OS, AV and antispyware up to date will help protect your system and to avoid unwanted payloads from malicious websites.