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Egyptian Mosque, Circa 1800 by Dominique Vivant, Baron de Denon April 15, 2010

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Continuing on my path to make available all of the various prints, maps and just generally interesting things on Egypt that I possess.  Here are two orignal prints/plates by the famous French artist and archeologist Dominique Vivant the Baron de Denon.

Both Plates are from 1800. The Mosque is located on the island of Rawdah (Manyal or ar-Rawdah or Roda depending on who you ask) located on the Nile in the city of Cairo Egypt.  While I can’t confirm that it is still there, I plan to search for it on my next trip to Cairo.

While I have done my best to translate the Arabic text on plate XXVI I’ve had little success ( I have another scholar friend working on it now).  However another colleague of mine was kind enough to translate the Arabic text in the second plate.  It states,  “The entrance to this place is to certify that there is one God and Mohammed is the Prophet”.

Click to download.

Al Manyal Ar Rawdah Inside

Al Manyal Ar Rawdah Outside



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